JA!, Friends of the Earth International
04 June 2020

Cabo Delgado needs our support and solidarity. The gas industry is ravaging the northernmost region of Mozambique, as transnational corporations and elites pillage its resources and devastate communities. Like all extractive industries, gas extraction in Mozambique is fuelling human rights abuses, poverty, corruption, violence and social injustice. It will have severe consequences for a country already vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as the two catastrophic cyclones in 2019.

Currently the sovereignty of Mozambique depends, not on the peoples of Mozambique, but on investors and other states. With internationalist solidarity we can fight to redress this wrong: Stop companies from signing exploration and concession contracts; stop financiers from investing; stop transnational corporations and countries from the Global North dictating Mozambique’s reliance on fossil fuels; stop local communities from losing their homes, territories, lands and livelihoods. Mozambique’s current development pathway of fossil fuel exploitation is resulting in the loss of communities’ livelihoods, human rights abuses, the destruction of the environment and exacerbation of the climate crisis.

This is why JA! (Justiça Ambiental/ Friends of the Earth Mozambique) and Friends of the Earth International are asking for support from our friends around the world.

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