The foundations of the campaign are the experiences of Mozambican communities who live in the gas regions and are personally affected by the industry. These experiences form the basis of international lobbying and fighting.

JA! works with and in these communities, as a watchdog – watching what the gas industry is doing to local people, and working with these communities to fight the industry at the grassroots level. JA! supports communities with making complaints, maintaining communication with the industry and educating them about their rights.

Impacted people share crucial information with the organisation, through regular updates from focal points based in communities and field trips, which it publicises in Mozambique and takes to an international level with the close campaign partners, where people around the world can hear the voices of impacted peoples – activists, the public, the media, the courts and those in power.

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These are photographs taken by JA! during our visits to Cabo Delgado and neighbouring provinces. They exhibit different issues related to the gas industry. You can see here how communities lived before they were displaced, and their lives after, how many of them became refugees in their own country and what they have lost.




In 2018, JA! staff met with community members living in the village of Milamba, in Cabo Delgado.

Milamba was one of the villages on the land where Anadarko planned to build the Afungi LNG Park (the construction was taken over by Total in 2019). It was a village a few metres from the beach, sustained by fishing and farming.

These are videos of community members from Milamba taken before they were forced to leave their homes, where they explain their experience of the consultation process and their fears.


In 2020, JA! met those same community members, who were now displaced from Milamba, a village that no longer exists.

Here they tell of what happened to them during the displacement, how their lives have changed and the impacts they have faced in the space of a mere two years.


These are videos of testimonies by community members from villages in Cabo Delgado that were attacked during violence between insurgents